Welcome to the Portland Coworking Week #PDXCowork2015 schedule for ticket holders and panelists. We have over 200 (and counting) participants, so don’t forget to save yourself a seat at all the sessions you can! Connect, Collaborate, Explore

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The Official Portland Coworking Week Guide

Looking for a pretty timeline or want to send the event to a friend? Check out our splash page.

Keep me by your side and I'll be your guide to:

  • Attend the Conference
  • Redeem Your Ticket for a Free Day Pass at Participating Spaces
  • Tour Participating Spaces
  • Win a Coworking Scholarship—or nominate a friend
  • Attend Community Events
  • Showcase yourself as a Local Expert
  • Thank our Sponsors
  • Volunteering
  • Unanswered Questions: tweet @workfromco or email events[at]workfrom.co


Attend the Conference

To attend any of the panels or the official Portland Coworking Week Happy Hour + Mixer for attendees and panelists:

Bring your ticket with you (on your phone is fine) to any session or swing by the Umpqua Office Hours event on Wednesday to pick up your Portland Coworking Week pass. This will get you into ALL conference events.

A big thanks to our sessions sponsor Stephouse Networks and our happy hour sponsor Softlayer Catalyst for keeping us hydrated and fed—and CENTRL Office, Collective Agency and DeskHub for hosting us.

Some spaces are limited, so claim your spot ahead of time by adding the panels and happy hour to your schedule if you're planning on attending.


Redeem Your Ticket for a Free Day Pass at Participating Spaces

Redeemed your ticket for a free day pass by adding any participating spaces' Day Pass to your schedule.

After you've added it to your schedule, bring your Eventbrite ticket with you (on your phone is fine) to the space when you check in. While the passes are listed as starting at 9am, you're free to check-in anytime after they open. Check the details on the Day Pass you've added to your schedule for any special instructions from the space.

Not sure where you want to go? Swing by our kick-off on Tuesday morning to meet the spaces. It's the perfect way to find the space that's perfect for you.


Tour Participating Spaces

Spaces will be ready to give tours on Wednesday from 10am - 2pm. Check the list of participating spaces on our splash page to see who'll be ready for tours. Want to tour at a different time or a space not listed? Give them a call—they'd love to hear from you.


Win a Coworking Scholarship—or Nominate a Friend

Community is at the root of coworking and strong communities are built on collaboration, diversity and access. In an effort to bring more access to and foster an inclusive coworking community in Portland, the Portland Development Commission and Workfrom have created a scholarship for one lucky attendee of Portland Coworking Week 2015. We’re looking for diverse applicants who are typically underrepresented in the coworking community due to age, gender, ethnicity, race, or other factors. To nominate yourself or a friend, answer a few simple questions about who you are and how this scholarship will advance your goals.

We'll hold a random drawing from a pool of the best answers and award a $450 credit towards membership at any of the participating coworking spaces of your choice.

We'll announce the winner at Friday morning's closing session, though you needn't be present to win.


Attend Community Events

We're excited to be teaming up with some awesome organizations to offer additional events for Portland Coworking Week. Community events are open to everyone, with or without a Portland Coworking Week ticket.

Folks are still submitting events, so check back often. Simply filter by "Community Event" to see them all and when you add it to your schedule, don't forget to RSVP directly with the community event.


Showcase yourself as a Local Expert

Check out Umpqua’s Community Office Hours event to showcase yourself as a local expert.



Can't remember the name of that awesome organization that helped us pull Portland Coworking Week together on an incredible short timeline? Check out our incredible list of sponsors and say hi!



If you've registered to volunteer and haven't yet been contacted, send an email to jewel[at]workfrom.co and she will get you setup.