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Chris Justice

Swing by to visit me during Umpqua Community Office Hours 9-11am, or contact me if you'd like to meet later.

If there is enough interest, it would be fun to do pitch practice in small groups. Multiple points of feedback are always better than one.

At Startups.co, we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs through launch, user acquisition, and funding. We own Launchrock, which focuses on building an initial launch page and capturing your first users; Clarity.fm, which is an expert network available to help solve questions at any stage of business; and Fundable, which is a funding platform for startups to present their deals and find investors. I run our Consulting division, which works directly with founders on strategies, presentation, and planning for each stage of growth. Personally I have worked with companies in almost every industry from tech to breweries, and my focus is on both asking tough questions and helping to establish direction for each founder.